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Authentic Jamila henna Body Art Quality, grown in Pakistan and sourced directly from the manufacturer.


Jamila henna is one of the most well-known brands of henna for it's ultra fine sift that mixes very quickly and makes a very smooth paste. Jamila brand offers two grades of henna: hair and Body Art Quality. The BAQ is preferred for dyeing hair for the ultra fine sift and maximum dye content. This grade is also used for making henna paste for henna art tattooing.


Henna lasts many years when stored properly, even after it's expiration date. Store in a cool, dry place with low humidity. If you have henna powder left in pouch after use, it is recommended to insert pouch inside a resealable plastic bag and sealing tightly to keep air out.


You can also mix and freeze your henna paste for later use. This can last almost indefinitely when stored properly. Once frozen, thaw a few hours prior to application.


Brand: Jamila
Expiration 6/2025

Size 100g x 6

Packaging: Holographic box

6 pack Jamila Henna (BAQ) 600g

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