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2-Step henna is used to achieve the deepest brunettes possible without any chemicals. The end result varies on what your existing hair color is and can vary from dark browns to soft black. The two steps are henna first, then indigo. 


2-Step Process

Henna & Indigo

The goal of step-one (henna) is to get your hair as red as possible. This reddish color will be the base for step-2 (indigo), and getting it as red as possible allows indigo to dye deeper shades. Lighter hair colors will dye lighter, darker colors will end up deeper shades of brunette.

This double process can be done in one day but I generally recommend doing it over the course of 2 days to allow the henna color to oxidize (deepen) naturally.

Step 1

Henna First

Depending on the henna you are using, it should be mixed 6-8 hours prior to application for dye release to begin. If you are using my henna, it releases dye instantly and can be applied immediately after mixing.


Once henna is mixed and ready, apply it thoroughly, making sure all hair strands all fully saturated. Make sure to cover your hair with a processing cap or cling wrap to keep it moist while it processes. Leave it on your hair for 3-5 hours for best results. 

Authentic Jamila Henna
Indigo paste_edited.jpg

Step 2

Indigo Second

If you are doing the second step right after the henna application, make sure your hair is rinsed thoroughly and blow dry on medium heat to speed up the henna oxidation. This helps the henna color darken a bit quicker.

Indigo release dye immediately after mixing and should be mixed no more than 20 minutes before application. Apply indigo paste all over the hennaed hair, making sure to fully saturate all hair strands. Once finished, cover with a processing cap and leave on for 2-3 hours.


When ready, rinse hair thoroughly, until water runs clear. Avoid using excess heat at this point and allow hair to air dry naturally.



•Mixing bowl & silicone spatula (flexible is best)

•Tint brush or carrot bag for application

•Distilled water (if you live in area with hard water)

•Processing caps or cling wrap 


•Henna & indigo might stain hands for 1-2 days. Gloves are optionals.

•Use warm water to mix, no more than 100F/37C. 

•If mixing henna ahead of time, cover bowl with cling wrap or lid to keep moist. 

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